Anti-Static Laminator Brushes


Download the Kinetronics Anti-Static Laminator Brush Information Sheet

A Static and Dust Control Product

The Kinetronics StaticWisk© anti-static laminator brushes dissipate static electric charges on laminates and improve production quality. StaticWisk brushes are also effective in reducing the static that attracts dust and lint.

The StaticWisk laminator brushes are made from ultra-soft conductive fibers that are 1 5/8″ / 40mm long. A unique magnetic mounting system is used for quick, easy attachment to the laminator. Each brush is furnished with a coiled grounding cord that is secured to the frame of the laminator.

Tens of thousands of StaticWisk anti-static brushes are in daily use throughout the world. These brushes are very popular for use in any number of industrial applications as well. The StaticWisk laminator brushes are available in nine standard sizes from 12″ or 300mm to 84″ or 2100mm. Custom lengths are available on request. Model numbers show brush length in millimeters and (inches):

Ordering Information:
To order, speak with a Sales Specialist at 1-800-624-3204 (U.S. and Canada) or 941-951-2432.

Product Price
SWL-300 (12″)
13-3/4″-18-1/4″ (350-465mm)
SWL-450 (18″)
19-3/4″-24-1/4″ (500-615mm)
SWL-625 (25″)
26-3/4″-31-1/4″ (680-795mm)
SWL-750 (30″)
31-3/4″-36-1/4″ (805-920mm)
SWL-950 (38″)
39-3/4″-44-1/4″ (1010-1125mm)
SWL-1250 (50″)
51-3/4″-55-1/4″ (1315-1405mm)
SWL-1525 (61″)
62-3/4″-67-1/4″ (1595-1710mm)
SWL-2000 (81″)
81-3/4″-86-1/4″ (2075-2190mm)
SWL-2100 84″)
91-3/4″-96-1/4″ (2330-2445mm)