A Brief Company History

Kinetronics Corporation was founded in 1973 to serve the Audio-Visual and Photographic Industries. The company was first based in Deerfield, Illinois and later moved to Lake Bluff, Illinois. The first products were designed and marketed to schools and libraries. As our technology advanced, we developed products for cleaning motion picture film and microfilm.

In 1984 Kinetronics relocated to Sarasota, Florida. Our product line had expanded to include a number of special purpose products used in wholesale photo finishing laboratories. When the first one-hour photo labs began to appear, we developed the StaticVac series of electronic ionizing film cleaning machines. These products are being marketed worldwide through a network of International distributors and our new office in Germany.

The StaticVac has evolved into the worlds leading film-cleaning machine with thousands sold each year to minilabs and cinemas worldwide. The unique technology used in the StaticWisk anti-static brushes has been the foundation of a series of products including the KSE, KineStat and MiniStat.

In 1999 we introduced three new products, the Tiger Cloth, an anti-static cloth that has become one of the leading anti-static cloths in the world. We have also developed two types of Machine Mountable Brushes. The StaticWisk Laminator Series and the StaticWisk Industrial Series anti-static brushes. These brushes address static problems in the laminating, ink jet, printing, folding and graphics industries as well as the electronics industry.

The StaticWisk SWG-625 is a successful tool in cinema theaters world wide to fight the problems of “brain-wrap” and static build-up on polyester film. These new products help us continue to develop our product line across several markets.

We have also introduced our ASG anti-static gloves, SpeckGRABBERs, and a complete line of Digital Photo Accessories that include the  Digital Camera Cleaning Kit and Digital Scanner Cleaning Kit which are used in many different markets. Our most exciting new products are the Canned Air Ionizer and Ionizing Air Gun for static and dust control in many industries.

The Kinetronics reputation for high quality, state of the art products has been earned over the years and is backed up with friendly and helpful customer service.   The future looks very bright for Kinetronics as our products are positioned for sales to a number of different markets.

All of our products are made in the United States of America.